• How do I find out if I qualify to buy a home?

    This is one of the most asked questions we ever hear. The facts are you need to talk to a lender. The criteria for any loan is different from time to time as things change PLUS there are other programs you may qualify for. There are programs out there that are based on the home as well. So this is a easy questions to ask but there could be a couple of different answers.

    I work with several very helpful and informative lenders. They are extremely experienced in working with first time Buyers as well as Buyers that have bought and sold many homes. You are welcome to use my guys or your own. But the only way we will know if you can qualify for a home is being pre-qualified by a lender.

  • I’ve heard as a buyer I don’t pay you. So if you help me, how do you get paid?

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  • I’m new to buying. Can you help me from step 1 to settlement?

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  • I could never reach my previous agent. Can I reach you?

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  • What is your commission?

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  • What are you going to do to sell my house?

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  • Why should I use The Vurganov Group to help us?

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  • Does an experienced realtor really matter when purchasing your home?

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  • Does an experienced realtor really matter when selling your home?

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